EPIBAL 150 & 300


A range of high quality granular hatchery feeds for post larval shrimp. It complements Epicore’s EPIFEED-LHF liquid larval feeds and supplements algae and Artemia that are typically used in larval rearing.







  •   Promotes optimum growth and survival of the larvae.
  •  Provides excellent tank water quality so minimizes the proliferation of pathogenic organisms.
  •  Promotes reduced requirements for disease treatments and water exchange when used with the other Epicore hatchery system of     products.
  •  Completely replaces other dry diet.
  •   Provides economical production of large quantities of high-health larvae



EPIBAL is formulated with the best quality proteins, olefinic lipids, phospholipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and micronutrients for a more readily digested feed.  EPIBAL is formulated to minimize leaching of nutrients and to maximize feed digestion.  EPIBAL is made by extrusion technology that minimizes heat exposure to maximize retention of delicate essential nutrients, micronutrients and palatability. 




EPIBAL feeds are comprised of marine, plant and animal protein, fish oil, vitamin A, vitamin D3, riboflavin, niacin, calcium pantothenate, vitamin B12, choline chloride, d-Biotin, thiamine mononitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin E, menadione sodium bisulfite complex, folic acid, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, manganese sulfate, potassium iodate, ethylene diamine dihydrodide, ascorbic acid









Epilite is a unique range of liquid larval hatchery feeds that provide superior hatchery nutrition and cause fewer pollution problems than traditional dry feeds. 










  •  Enhanced nutritional value, attractiveness and digestibility.
  • Reduces Artemia requirements by more than 50% and completely replaces dry diet
  • Increases larval survival by 5-10%.
  • Produces superior quality and stress resistant PL.
  • Reduced algal requirements with EPILITE-Z use in early zoeal stage.
  • Can enrich Artemia with EPILITE-Z.
  • Easy to use liquids.
  • Cleaner tank bottoms and reduced need for water exchange, less wasted feed.
  • Major cost benefits compared to competitive diets.



EPILITE feeds are composed of the finest quality, highly palatable and easily digestible ingredients that are constantly available to larvae, promoting consumption and assimilation of the nutrients and hence optimum larval growth and survival.  The unique emulsion form of these products provides neutrally buoyant particles that remain suspended in the water column. 




EPILITE feeds are comprised of marine protein, plant protein, olefinic lipids (HUFA), phospholipids, complex carbohydrates, soluble sugars, B complex and C vitamins, fat soluble vitamin complex, broad spectrum micro-nutrient and attractant.



EPIFEED-MBF (Maturation Brood stock Feed)



EPIFEED-MBF is a specially formulated dry diet that provides excellent nutrition for maintaining prolific spawners and for improving reproductive performance.  It represents an enormous step towards a bio-secure system in all production areas by replacing fresh natural feed.







  •  Promotes maximum attraction and nutrition to stimulate reproduction.
  • Eliminates the need for fresh natural feed, including poliquets and thereby improves biosecurity.
  • Maintains a stable feeding regime during the year, eliminating production fluctuations caused by variability in the quality and availability of fresh diets.
  •  Eliminates the need to have large cold storage areas for fresh diets so saves money.
  •  Does not foul maturation-tank water so reduces water exchange.
  • Increases mating and egg/nauplii production rates.
  • Offers favorable cost savings compared to fresh natural diets. 



EPIFEED-MBF is made from high quality sources of marine proteins, lipids and glandular extracts to promote maximum attraction and to meet the full nutritional requirements of adult marine shrimp.  It is processed at low temperatures to assure the ingredients selected are not degraded in feed processing.




EPIFEED-MBF is comprised of marine protein, plant protein, olefinic lipids (HUFA), phospholipids, complex carbohydrates, B complex and C vitamins, fat soluble vitamin complex, broad spectrum micro-nutrient and attractant.


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